Finns Party youth organization warmly welcomes President Donald Trump to Finland. In a letter signed by Secretary General Marika Sorja, youth organization emphasizes the significance of strict border security.

Letter content:

“Dear honorable Mr President Trump,

The Finns party Youth warmly welcomes You to Finland and to Helsinki! It is a great honor for us to get the head of state from the world’s leading Western democracy for a visit to our country.

The Finns Party Youth is a nationalist and immigration-critical political youth organization. Our principles could be well illustrated with the statement “Finland first!” We work for the Finns Party among the youth, but we are independent-thinking organization that makes its own decisions.

Especially Your immigration policy pleases our members. A sovereign state must b able to secure its borders – even if it means building walls. This wise thinking is forgotten by many decision-makers of today. “

As a token of appreciation, youth organization wishes to donate a “Make Finland Great Again” baseball cap to Mr Trump.

Letter continues:

“As a gift from our organization, we want to give You a “Make Finland Great Again” baseball-cap which has the “Make America Great Again” –cap as its idol. Hopefully, whenever you look at MFGA-cap, You will remember us Finns with warm thoughts.

We sincerely hope You enjoy Your short stay in our country. Let’s make Finland and the United States of America great again!”