New refugee and migrant camp, temporary facility with tents, in Greece at Kleidi area near Promahonas village in Serres region, at Greek - Bulgarian borders, is receiving the first wave of people, asylum seekers who entered Greece after 1st of March 2020 where the country stopped accepting asylum applications. Newcomers are from the islands Lesvos, Samos and Chios and have been transferred by ferry to Kavala and then to Kleidi by bus in order to record them, photograph, temporarily host and then deport to them back to their country of origin like Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, African countries etc as their profile status is not Refugee according to the government and the EU. Before entering the camp their health is checked and specially for Coronavirus Covid-19, with preventive measures to health workers and security officers like police. The new refugee camp structure is not completed and is under construction. March 21, 2020. NURPHOTO / LEHTIKUVA / NICOLAS ECONOMOU

Kreikka ei toistaiseksi ota vastaan turvapaikkahakemuksia. Viimeisimmät tulijat ovat olleet mm. Afganistanista, Pakistanista, Bangladeshista ja Afrikan maista.