Finnish parliamentary member Olli Immonen (Finns Party) emphasizes in an interview given to the journal ‘Suomen Uutiset’ (’Finland News’) that the struggle with the extremes of multi-culturism is to be handled by political means only.

 Olli Immonen says that it’s self-explanatory that his use of the word ’fight’ on his Facebook posting referred specifically to a struggle occurring only in the political area.

– I thought, naively, that it was not necessary to repeat the obvious. Throughout my time as a member of the Finnish Parliament I have fought for my principles always and only by political means using democratic processes.  I have consistently worked with the ways of parliament for years. I am opposed to all violence in all its forms, Immonen assures.

– The resulting brouhaha has been disturbing to follow. Many people have been led to feelings of great emotion. This was not my intention. It’s necessary, in the future, to choose words more accurately. I am some kind of national romantic and am prone to using rhetoric to some degree.

There has been support:

– The amount of support received has been tremendous. I want to thank those people wholeheartedly.

Very proud of being Finnish

Immonen stresses that in spite of the agitated nature of the environment, associated consequences of multi-culturism must be addressed.

– Multi-culturism has many faces. Many are totally beneficial. But some extreme aspects of multi-culturism are dangerous and frightening and can lead to and feed racism.

– in the name of multi-culturism, there has been fast lane access to employment and summer-camp placements – to the disadvantage of the established population. This should not be.

– Prohibition of hymns and school Christmas parties in the name of multi-culturism has strongly offended many Finns. Let’s be openly proud of our own culture.

The extremes of multi-culturism are frightening

Immonen is very concerned about radicalization. He hopes for understanding and support for the struggle against these extremes.

–  I will fight politically for eradication of these extremes of multi-culturism – using all the available tools of democracy. It is distressing that radicalization is growing in Finland. We, therefore, must use all parliamentary means to avert these extremes of multi-culturism.

– I can’t accept that, under the umbrella of multi-culturism, promotion of ISIS can be found in Finland. This must be put to an immediate and complete stop, Immonen insists.

– I also do not want that young women in Finland are afraid to sun themselves on our beaches because it might offend some religious group. Immonen refers to violence that has recently occurred in France in this regard.

Instead of finger-pointing, Immonen hopes for more mutual understanding which has been a basic principle of Finnish culture.

– The President of Finland, Sauli Niinistö, has appealed, just recently, that we accept each other. He stressed the importance of the discussion taking place harmoniously.  These are words of wisdom and I join with President Niinistö in this appeal.

In sum

– I have gotten criticism from our own party because of this incident. The situation will be reviewed in a forthcoming meeting of the parliamentary group. I accept whatever the group’s conclusions are. I sincerely hope, neverheless, that the flap resulting from my incomplete comments will help to close ranks in the party.

– I fully back the present party leadership.


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